NZ Fish Species: Saltwater

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To sixty centimetres. Largely confined to northern waters south to Cook Strait, this species sometimes reaches Otago in summer months. There is a close relative in Australia. The deep body, separated dorsal fins and row of ridged plates near the tail base are distinctive features of this species, as is the greenish coloration with metallic overtones and the dark spot above the gill plate. It's fins are yellowish. Food seems to be anything locally available, whether from a rocky shore or a muddy bottom offshore to depths around one hundred metres, small fishes predominate. It is often seen in our northern waters shoaling at the surface but seems equally at home on the sea floor or in intermediate depths. Trevally are strong fighters and can be taken with cut baits, on jigs or flies. They have weak mouths and this sometimes results in pulled hooks. Although strong-flavoured trevally are a good table fish however many anglers find them a little dry and prefer to use the flesh as cut baits only.

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