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Blue mackerel

To seventy centimetres. A species of coastal waters of either surface water or to depths of about eighty fathoms on muddy ground, it is a cosomopolitan species of cooler seas and widespread in our waters, but probably more abundant north of Banks Peninsula. Its food is mostly other fishes, but crabs and shrimps are also taken. The colour is a deep blue-green above with darker chevron marks on the back, and spots and crescentic markings on the sides. The streamlined form, fleshy eyelid, widely separated dorsal fins and colour pattern distinguish this species. Other names in use include slimey mackerel, english mackerel, and sometimes frigate mackerel. These strong-fighting fish are sometimes encountered in large schools on the surface or in midwater. They will take cut baits or small lures. Favoured as a baitfish rather than a table fish.

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