NZ Fish Species: Saltwater

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To two metres and more. Well known to fishermen and anglers, particularly in southern waters and as a source of bait, the species is widespread in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and South America. The food is anything available, mostly fishes and free swimming crabs and shrimps. Its colour is silvery with shades of iridescent blue, pink and violet. The head and teeth, slender body, wavy single lateral line and long high first dorsal fins are distinctive features. This is not a true barracuda but belongs to the snake mackerel family. Other names include snoek and the maori manga. These fish seem to have increased in numbers in recent years, invading northern waters during the winter. Barracouta have a nasty set of teeth and are responsible for much lost tackle as they will take any bait or lure offered. The flesh is often infested with worms and they are not regarded as a table fish, but make a passable bait

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