NZ Fish Species: Saltwater

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Blue moki

To eighty centimetres and more.A predominantly southern species of rocky areas which straggles to North Auckland, moki are sometimes taken to depths of one hundred and fifty metres on bottoms of mud and sand. Its food is anything animal of suitable size, including shellfish, as well as some seaweeds. The usual colour is blue-grey with shades of brown and one or two large brownish blotches below the dorsal fins. The mouth is small with thick lips and small teeth; there are no thickened and protruding pectoral rays. Only the maori name is in general use. Although netted in many parts of the country a rod and reel recreational fishery has developed in the wellington region. These fish feed in very shallow water often after dark, and will take baits such as mussel, or crayfish. They are very strong fighters and popular table fish.

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