NZ Fish Species: Saltwater

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Red cod

To seventy-five centimetres. Well known to fishermen, particularly about southern coasts both here and in Australia, this species lives on soft ground in depths of 600 metres, although it is probably more abundant in the upper 100 metres of its range. A greyish colour with a pronounced pink tinge is usual and there is a black mark just above and behind the gill plate. Crabs and shrimps as well as a wide variety of other animals of soft sediments are eaten, including small fishes. It is distinguished from it's relatives by a straight tail fin margin. A similar but stouter species with a rounded tail fin occurs on rocky ground. Frequently caught by southern shore-based fishers and in-shore boat-anglers. Is not highly regarded as either a sport or eating fish the quality of the flesh does improve if the whole fish is refrigerated for a day before filleting.

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