NZ Fish Species: Saltwater

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To thirty centimetres. This colourful species also occurs in Australia and there is a close relative in Japan. In New Zealand it is widely distributed though probably more abundant north of Banks Peninsula. It occupies a wide depth from just a few metres down to about fifty metres although it seems to have a preference for depths of less than fifty metres. Its colour is brown, with a red flush in small examples to bright red overall in adults. All sizes have a large deep blue-grey pectoral fin with a pale blue margin and a black area with whitish spots near the base. Its food is mostly bottom animals living in sediment; these are searched for by means of the detached lower pectoral rays which are also used for walking. In some areas these are a very popular table fish. They are caught from shore or boats fishing shallow sedimentary bottoms. They will take cut baits and jigs.

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