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Mako shark

To four metres . A streamlined and active shark and probably the best sport shark of all, it is widely distributed in warmer seas and in our waters ranges south to Foveaux Strait. Bright blue-black with a white undersurface is the usual colour. Because of its speed it eats mostly other fishes, surface or bottom kinds, often entering bays and inlets in pursuit of them. The slender form, colour, set-back dorsal fin and the awl-shaped front teeth are distinctive features. The name mako, although maori, is widely used in other parts of the world for this fish. Small makos regularly take lures meant for tuna or marlin. Larger specimens are targeted with baits. Makos in excess of 400 kilos have been caught in New Zealand waters. These sharks are renowned for jumping to heights up to 10 metres above the water and frequently attack boats when on the leader.

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