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Striped marlin

To four metres. There are three marlins in New Zealand waters and all are wide-ranging in tropical Pacific waters. The striped marlin is most abundant here. It ranges south in summer to Cook Strait although it is abundant north of a line between Mt Egmont and East Cape. Its colour is dark blue above with pale blue stripes. Its food is mostly other fishes large and small and includes bottom as well as surface fishes. The slender bill, high dorsal lobe and straight rear edge of the pectoral fin are distinguishing features. New Zealand striped marlin are the largest in the world and most world records are held in this country. The most popular fishing system is lure-trolling which has taken over from the previous favourite trolling dead baits such as kahawai. Since the introduction of a moratorium on the commercial capture and sale of marlin, numbers have dramatically increased. Over the last five years recreational captures are the highest on record. Typically, fish weigh ninety to one hundred kilos. About seventy-five percent of marlin are tagged and released.

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