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Brown trout

Colour very variable - sea-run fish olive on back, silvery on side, whitish on belly with indistinct spots. Known to reach 13.5kg in rivers and up to 31kg in lakes. Present from Coromandel southwards, in both rivers and lakes, many including sea-run populations. Introduced from Europe. Found in pools and deeper waters of rivers and streams also lakes. Life cycle as for rainbow trout but spawns earlier in winter. Feeds on a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic insects, crustaceans, also small fishes. Active feeding generally occurs during subdued daylight and at night when they search water areas. Locate brown trout in moving water, variable depth, hard bottom areas of lakes, rivers and streams by working sunken weedbeds, submerged islands, sunken logs, undercut banks, protruding shorelines, deep pools and around bridges or boulders, downstream of any current. Brown trout are extremely wary and must be approached quietly and slowly. They will take small spoons, spinners or plugs worked near the bottom in areas having their preferred water temperature. Use a slow retrieve with pauses to allow lure to rise and then flutter down.

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